The International African Arts Festivals

By Tyrone Z. McCants

This movement which started in the year 1971 on Claver Place as a Parent Teacher fundraiser ceremony for the Freedom Now school, as now grown into the International African Arts Festivals and plays host, local entertainers, performers and craft vendors. 

The International African festival Integrates and Celebrates the beauty of Africa and plays host to over 75,000 guests from all over the United States and the world every year.

The event is kept free from the clutches of the corporate organizations that don’t promote healthy living as funds are generated from the money dropped at the gate, fees paid by vendors, grants from local elected officers and few from business sponsors. 

The team members comprising of Board members, part-time workers and Volunteers do a great job each year by turning the park into an environment where contemporary and traditional expressions of the African race is displayed. It has been around for 45 years adding to the landscape of the Brooklyn Cultural community as a world-class event. 

The Annual Festival is open to kids and adults, Local and International Artists and performers such as musicians, drummers, poets, fashion designers, and carvers.

This event creates a balance for everyone to showcase their talents and Crafts and to also enjoy the scenery of the festival which is most times colorful and vibrant. Visitors and Attendees have access to varieties of food. Classes are also organized for Art Enthusiasts at affordable rates.

The Organization with his ‘family friendly ‘motto enjoins people to give what they can to enable this festival to thrive and continue in its dedication to promoting African Arts, Family, and Culture.

Photography by Tyrone Z. McCants