The 2018 African Festival "Connecting Africa to Arizona"

Africa having various diverse cultures and people all over the world, was the incentive behind the African festival celebrations being held in Arizona USA annually. This great event is put together by the African Association of Arizona (AFASA). A non-governmental organization Founded in 1992. The organization was founded as a need to promote the African culture and to serve as an avenue to discuss the various underlying issues of the continent by members. Membership of this association is open to any individual regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, creed as long as they share the mission and vision of the association.

AFASA started the African Festival in 1998 as a way to celebrate the African’s rich and diverse cultures with the Africa community. Apart from the fact that it brings people from African communities together, it is also a way of giving back to the community. The organization has its monthly meetings every second Sunday of the month with the exception of the month of May. 

The 2018 African festival tagged bringing Africa to Arizona was a great event like its predecessors. The event which took place on the 31st of March 2018 saw many people from various African countries came out and participated in this colorful event with many rocking their African prints. The event also featured rich African delicacies and other monuments like drums, African dance steps and lots more.

While AFASA is not only focused on bringing the African families together, they are also focused on education and creation of cultural awareness in Africans living abroad. This was fully demonstrated by the participation of the people in attendance. Irrespective of religion, country or race, many people came out for the festival. Another great initiative that this organization brings is that they serve as a contact for African immigrants who are new in Arizona.