Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is one of the oldest performing arts centers in America; it introduced the BAM Dance Africa street fair festival to the public over forty years ago to celebrate annually in May the African culture through its Dance Africa Festival. These are images I have captured throughout the years. 

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When I perform... Yahminah

My name is Yaminah Legohn. Yaminah means right and proper. I am a choreographer and professional dancer.

The dances I have studied, trained and perform are Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Modern, Hip Hop, West African, Dancehall, contemporary and more.

"When I perform, my art makes me feel, alive, emotional, artistic and in control." ~ Yaminah

I have been performing for 20 plus years. I am the artistic director and choreographer of Art Of Legohn, LLC. A multimedia and entertainment company.

My family background is from the south Mississippi and Louisiana. I am of African descent, Native American and Creole.

My knowledge of self and the passion for dancing and spreading the arts and culture that came from my ancestors

ballet, contemporary, creole, dancehall, hiphop, Jazz, Modern, salsa, west african



When I perform… Ekiuwa

My name is Ekiuwa, My nickname is Eki, short for Ekiuwa. Eki means Joy or Market Place. Ekiuwa is from Nigeria- It means anything I touched is blessed. The forms of Performing arts I practice is dance, I teach, choreograph and perform jazz, modern, hip-hop, ballet, African and Liturgical dance. I am also a Jewelry designer and creative director of a costume entertainment company. I have been doing my art for over 20 years. I represent Eki's Famous LLC and Your Queens.

"When I perform I feel strong, powerful and know that I am providing healing, love and truth." ~ Ekiuwa / Your Queens

I am Nigerian, Dominican and West Indian. My parents are very cultural. I spent my childhood in Nigeria and had visited the Dominican Republic a few times and the Virgin Islands. I feel that I have gained a sense of love, understanding, determination from my rich heritage and family culture.

When I perform... Nalani

My name means "the heavens" in Hawaiian. I was named after my mother.

I perform with Nā Leo Kūpono Productions, a professional Polynesian entertainment company. Performing dances from the islands of Hawai'i, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand.  I've been dancing hula for almost 23 years, Tahitian for 18 years and everything else for 8 years.

"I feel proud and blessed to be able to bring our culture to the mainland with us so everyone can enjoy as much as I do." ~Nalani

I feel a sense of pride and joy when I am on stage. I love being able to share our culture with everyone. We come from Kings and Queens of Hawai'i; our specific family has a royal lineage. We have an obligation to pass on their stories through the generations. And I feel as though we are making them proud by doing so.

My ethnicities are Hawaiian, Caucasian, Portuguese, African, Spanish, Filipino.

The more I dance, the more I appreciate the time and effort it takes to be able to do it the right way. Even now, after having danced for so long, I am still learning to perfect the art. The entire body dances, not one part is neglected. I've gained greater leg strength and balance. I've also gained a greater respect for all islands of the Pacific. I am proud to be Polynesian!