I Am... Jaquesha

My name, Jaquesha Janeice Abraham for a long time I did not know what my name meant, neither did my mother although she named me.  From her imagination, it was a collection of pieces of her mother (my grandmother) and her sister's name. Everyone in the family including her two children (my mom and aunt) referred to my grandmother as Ga sounds like Ja because it's short for her full name Georgia. The reason for that was because my great-grandmother also lived with them and everyone and I mean everyone called her Ma or mama or sometimes big mama. Anyhow, that's where the Ja comes from and Quesha because she wanted it to be similar to my older brother who's name is Jaquece. Janeice because my aunts middle name is Deniece and she wanted to include her sisters name however keep the JJA initial thing going. Lastly, Abraham is my father's last name.

Being the curious person that I am I had to get down to the bottom of what my name meant, so I broke it into pieces and figured out the actual etymology of my name which means

" Yes, who or what is used to express surprise suspicion triumph or emotion, a woman of transparent crystalline figure away from the Sun God an excessive theatrical actor."

I've practiced Theatre, Yoga, I also do an African Womb dance its a cleansing dance for the womb on the etheric level, I also like to attend drum circles for fun. My favorite music of all time is Earth Wind and Fire.

I've been doing theater since middle school, I was in my first school play and later acted in many plays throughout grade school and studied acting for a little while in college. Yoga I have been doing for 3 years although I first started doing yoga in middle school when I was the first one awake I would turn on the T.V and follow along in the yoga with the ladies on the rock with the ocean in the background I did not know what it was doing to my body at the time I just remember the stretching was relaxing. I've always had an old soul, my grandparents brought me up on Funk, Rock, Jazz basically everything from 1920-1970's. Drum circles and womb cleansing is fairly new to me.

I am soon to be under the representation of The Young Agency, a modeling and talent company locally based in Phoenix, AZ.

When I perform I feel at ease, in my element. I feed off the energy of the crowd and I share with them the experience they give me from a one point perspective through many eyes.

I am clearly African, which of course I love first and foremost, I was born in America, Flint, Michigan to be exact. I have some Chickasaw Indian and Cherokee in my blood line. I have never done a DNA test to be more exact however I am sure there are some ancient bloodlines because I have an old soul. 

Naturally, I feel that being African makes me feel drawn to the beat of the drum. My family likes to dance but I was the one with two left feet not much of a dancer but I identify with the beat of the drum. Also doing yoga has brought me to a level of conscious awareness that allows me to zero in on the sound and feel of my heart beat so that I can listen to the right music and tones for my uplifting my spirit. I feel that music has healing properties, and when we listen to our bodies which are intelligent system in their own, it tells us what sounds and tones we need to hear to better our existence. I think thats why I am so drawn to the beat and sound of Earth Wind and Fire, they seem to be in tune with the earth and its elements.