Nā Leo Kūpono Productions

Nā Leo Kūpono Productions is the finest Polynesian production company in Arizona. We are a group of Hawaiians who were born and raised on the islands of Hawai'i, now living in the desert state of Arizona. We are dancers, musicians, marketers, technicians, emcees and so much more. But we possess a major element that is lacking in all other production companies like ours here on the mainland: the true Spirit of Aloha. 

Learn more by visiting them online at: http://www.naleokupono.com/

When I perform... Yahminah

My name is Yaminah Legohn. Yaminah means right and proper. I am a choreographer and professional dancer.

The dances I have studied, trained and perform are Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Modern, Hip Hop, West African, Dancehall, contemporary and more.

"When I perform, my art makes me feel, alive, emotional, artistic and in control." ~ Yaminah

I have been performing for 20 plus years. I am the artistic director and choreographer of Art Of Legohn, LLC. A multimedia and entertainment company.

My family background is from the south Mississippi and Louisiana. I am of African descent, Native American and Creole.

My knowledge of self and the passion for dancing and spreading the arts and culture that came from my ancestors

ballet, contemporary, creole, dancehall, hiphop, Jazz, Modern, salsa, west african



Kawambe-Omowale African Drum & Dance Theatre

We are proud to introduce Shannon Nia, a captivating performing arts company that offers a glimpse of West African culture through performances of drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling. Kawambe-Omowale is a Phoenix-based arts company celebrating more than 20 years in the Valley of the Sun! Members perform throughout the Southwest and give the public a first-hand opportunity to experience West African music for themselves through our weekly community class.

Our members have traveled to Senegal, and The Gambia in West Africa, to study the music and dance of the Mande cultures. We have also studied with master artists from other African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria, and with master artists of Afro-Cuba de Mantanza, an international performing arts company from Cuba.

We have performed for events such as the Festival of Nations, the Yoruba Arts Festival, the International Youth Arts Festival, the International Percussive Arts Society's National Convention, and City of Phoenix Dr. Martin Luther King Breakfast. 

We are roster artists listed in the Arizona Commission on the Arts Artists Roster in the Performing Folk Arts category. We are available for school-based residencies, after-school programs, and community outreach workshops.

Our performances are educational, entertaining, and engaging while appealing to audiences of all ages from preschool through senior adults. Performances include audience participation so anyone can join in the fun!

Learn more about Kawambe-Omowale African Drum & Dance Theatre - http://www.kawambeomowale.com/