Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is one of the oldest performing art centers in America, it's doors were first opened in 1861 and ever since then they've become one of the leading presenters of the avant-garde. Avant-garde refers to a group of people that are experimental, unorthodox and radical when it comes to art, their works are most at times not openly acceptable at first but with time it became an annual event that many people of the community and country look forward to every year.  

BAM continuously provides unique rosters of music, opera, and film, poetry, traditional and contemporary dance and also theatre. In 1998, the four screen BAM rose cinemas (BRC)  were opened to screen films that might not be seen in Brooklyn. 

In 1999, BAMcinematek was inaugurated for the purpose of adding retrospective screenings and festival to the mix, it is a program for new or barely recognized contemporary work, it presents classics from cinema history and also serves as a platform for the festival. 

The four theaters also present the Next Wave Festival for new work, it is an event that focuses on artists probing and discovering new areas of the performing arts as well as programs ranging from classical music to African dance. 

The BAM Dance Africa street fair festival was introduced to the public over forty years ago to celebrate annually in the month of May the African culture through its Dance Africa Festival. This is a collection of dances from the African Diaspora, film series, dance parties in the BAM cafe and also master classes where you can be taught a thing or two about the African culture. 

The highlight of the festival is definitely the Dance Africa Bazaar, it is colorful and fun, you meet with different people from all over the world, there are over 300 vendors with African, Caribbean and African American food, Crafts, face painting and different African Fashion styles ranging from vintage to the current designs. 

It is usually a three-day affair starting from noon until 10 pm, located near the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District, admission is free, everyone is invited and it is family friendly.

Here are images I have captured through the years I have attended.