When I perform... Yahminah

My name is Yaminah Legohn. Yaminah means right and proper. I am a choreographer and professional dancer.

The dances I have studied, trained and perform are Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Modern, Hip Hop, West African, Dancehall, contemporary and more.

"When I perform, my art makes me feel, alive, emotional, artistic and in control." ~ Yaminah

I have been performing for 20 plus years. I am the artistic director and choreographer of Art Of Legohn, LLC. A multimedia and entertainment company.

My family background is from the south Mississippi and Louisiana. I am of African descent, Native American and Creole.

My knowledge of self and the passion for dancing and spreading the arts and culture that came from my ancestors

ballet, contemporary, creole, dancehall, hiphop, Jazz, Modern, salsa, west african