When I perform... Timmie

My name is Timmie Larode. I dance and write poetry. I've danced all my life, listening to the drums in my mom womb. The organization that I represent is called Your Queens.

"When I Perform, I feel like I am changing lives, especially the kids. To see the kids face lights up when we speak confirms that we are doing the right thing. It feels good when they answer the questions we ask." ~Timmie

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago. I have not taken or studied dance professionally. So when I dance it's more spiritual for me. I grew up with Afro/ Caribbean beats all around me. Sometimes I go to Washington square park in NYC.  With the South American drummers. I get a lot compliments from the onlookers and they ask if I dance professionally where did I learn. But it's only the spirit, only the drum.