When I perform… Tabara Diouf

My name is Elana Alma Payton. My West African / Kenyan Name is Tabara Diouf, it means Prosperity.

I do West African dance. I’ve danced since the age four, and trained in Ballet/ Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop through the age 18. I began west African dance in 1993. I currently perform with Kawambe-Omowale African Drum and Dance.

“When I perform, I feel alive and connected to my family.” ~Tabara Diouf

I am African American and Hispanic. My father is Black, and Mother is Hispanic/Spanish. I’ve gained an appreciation for diversity because of my biracial and bicultural heritage. My parents showed me how to live a life of acceptance and love through their marriage. They married at a time when interracial dating was frowned upon and hated. Because of their love, I’m here; because of my ancestors’ strength and endurance, I’m here…to deny them is to deny who I am and my self-worth.

We are proud to introduce Phoenix’s Kawambe-Omowale African Drum & Dance Theatre, a captivating performing arts company that offers a glimpse of West African culture… Read more

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