When I perform... Shannon Nia

My name is Shannon Nia Alomar. I represent and perform with Your Queens, the first African royalty booking costume company. While performing with Your Queens I practice dancing, singing, and storytelling. While performing with Your Queens, I play Queen Nefertiti. Nefertiti's name means the beautiful one has come.

I have been with Your Queens for almost a year now and the experience has truly changed my life :)

"While performing, I feel like I become another person. My confidence increases, I feel carefree and focused on making others around me truly feel the message of what we are trying to portray." ~ Shannon Nia


My mother's side of my family is African-American and my father's side is Puerto Rican. Before Your Queens, I have never performed in this capacity and it has taught me that my talents go beyond the limits I thought they did. Before I would always say "I can't dance" because I was not a dancer but now I am open to giving anything a try because Your Queens has helped me see that dedication, commitment and a stellar team you can do anything!


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