When I perform... Rasheena

My name is Rasheena. Rasheena is a play on the Muslim name Rasheeda meaning conscious, wise or mature. As a school teacher, I teach dance and provide the costumes for our yearly plays and holiday shows. Personally, I step and stroll with my divine 9 Greek letter organization Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, incorporated. I am also a fashion model. I started modeling at age 3 in Italy. I danced since I was in elementary school. Also stepping since elementary school.

I represent Your Queens. A costume company which evaluates, educates and expresses African lineage through storytelling song and dance. Dancing and performing is something I have participated in since I was young.

"When I perform, The feeling is surreal. Each time I perform, I completely transform and become my character. I no longer represent Rasheena, I am Queen Amina." ~ Rasheena

I feel honored to be able to share this magnificent story of our ancient Queen. I also feel proud of myself for taking that leap to share something that is not always received well.

I am not sure of my maternal side. My paternal side is Bajan, from Barbados. From my culture, I have gained a sense of black pride. I know I must work twice as hard just to be seen as "average". But I do not take it as a hardship rather an extra "ummph". I love our struggle, it makes us unbreakable. Some may crumble at the slightest idea of hardship. While we see hardship as a minor hiccup. I have also gained an appreciation for music. Through my culture, music heals many. We communicate with song and dance. Body language is important. Stories are told without any words.