I AM... Jypsy Jeyfree

Jypsy Jeyfree represents the harmony between a renaissance woman, bohemian spirit, freedom fighter and true walking ART. Invoking the raw emotion of Abstract Expressionism and the perpetual hunger for an Avant-Garde lifestyle. She is a artistic maverick in her own rights from Creative Direction to her passion for spreading Cultural Awareness & Kids Empowerment with her Reclaimed Wearable Art.

When it comes to Jypsy Jeyfree -- the Musical performer, you are in for a whimsical and theatrical ride. She expresses herself through true performance ART-- filled with face masks galore, unimaginable props and raging messages of empowerment.

The spin on her self-proclaimed free-styling moody sounds and colorful style of various singing tones is what the industry needs. An emerging new DIY artist that's breaking boundaries by doing things in her own righteous way.