I AM... JlightSky

My fashion is an intersection of art, culture, and identity. The law of attraction applies to fashion. I realized that when I dawn a garment or accessory from another culture I attract the people from that culture. For example, the other day I wore an Indian bindi and attracted a man from Bangladesh. He informed me that bindis are worn during festive. occasions and that a big bindi signifies a married womyn.

Another example, one day I wore my red Chinese influenced jacket and my coworker Aaron who is from China said that during New Year everyone wears a similar coat and that red in China means good luck. If I didn't wear the bindi or the coat I wouldn't have had these beautiful conversations.

When I purchased these items I didn't buy them with that intention. I bought them from a place of respect, admiration, and love. Why should I limit my expression to only wearing clothing of the "West" when the textures and silhouettes from Africa, Asia, Caribbean and LatinAmerican rhythm better with my spirit. 

To me, my fashion is a bridge to connect with all people of the world. I honor and value cultural fashion because it is grounded in human expression and preservation.

Mixing the cultural fashions of the world grounds me in the universal human experience, where we all are reflections of one another. The world is vast, beautiful, and in a way within all of us, all we must do is tap into it."